First Impression About Apache JMeter

Friday, April 2, 2010 by Sujata Wagh
When quality analyst gets introduced to Apache JMeter they have to struggle on many grounds. If they are used to work with commercial tools like Quick Test Pro or TestRunner then the shifting of paradigm is difficult.

These are some initial impressions of quality analysts about Apache JMeter:

  1. Technical jargon like test plan, Thread, workbench, controller etc is not user friendly.
  2. How to create test plan? What is thread, workbench? There are so many options in Controller.
  3. When compared with any other automation tool, it seems difficult. Like In QTP, Novice user can simple install QTP, Record and then run and view directly where its testing is failed. But in JMeter we cannot directly record and run. We need to first create Test Plan, add http request and then to view result we need to add listener. In short first we need to understand Jargon.
  4. It seems JMeter is more of developer's tool than QA's tool. For doing functionality testing, we need write coding. Jar files, class etc.
  5. Analysis of the test result is difficult.
  6. Errors of JMeter are not directly displayed. It is difficult to understand where it is failed.
  7. Precise and well defined help is not available.
  8. Invoking JMeter is from /bin folder is not user friendly. Also command prompt opening with it.
  9. Since JMeter is open source tool, we really cannot find the scope of its usage.
  10. How to measure how CPU, Memory, peak memory when doing performance testing?
  11. Viewing result in different formats e.g XML, requires updates in XML files which user is not aware
  12. Tool support different testing like distribution, testing across different bandwidth but for this requires lot of changes in configuration file and it is not mentioned properly in Help file.

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